Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Sandwiches for the simple mind

Yes, I currently live in the world of sandwiches. All the different variations you get in the shops almost makes you think that the UK in general do not know what else to eat but sandwiches. Truth be told, however boring it may be, it does fulfill your food groups - carbo, protein, fiber and the list goes on.

In light of the fact that living on budget does require some extremely innovative thinking in making food taste good and still abides by your pocket, it is using whatever you have in your fridge and larder to make a simple sandwich that still satisfies your cravings for one.

So what were the ingredients in making this mouth watering sandwich? EASY!

1              Croissant
2              Roman Lettuce leaves
                Butter - for spreading
A dollop   whole grain mustard
2 slices     edam cheese - mild
4 slices     ham - here I used chicken slices

The trick to actually making a sandwich taste great is not merely the ingredients itself but the sauce that you add. From ketchup to mayonnaise to chilli sauce for the ones who like it spicy, each sauce you add makes your sandwich taste different. You need not run out to the stores to get one either. Use what is in your fridge. I used Marks & Spensers Wholegrain Mustard simply because it was in the fridge and I love mustard.

However not everyone is a mustard fan, so just go easy on it.

So dig in people to what I would call a totally budget sandwich that satisfies your tummy and that you need not spend a whole lot to make.

The Innovative Baker


  1. I love Mustard !! :)

  2. I lurve Mustard too. Try this for a different slant on roast beef sandwich. Quickly saute some kailan in garlic and use that as veg instead. The kailan needs to be crunchy.

  3. nigel: that does seem worth trying. will try it when i get a good cut of roast beef. :) thanks for the tip!
    chuletz: yay! even better when u french mustard or german ones...


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