Friday, 13 November 2009

Chocolate Ganache!

In my blog about Chocolate Chip Cheese Cake, I linked my fellow baker, Kitchen Virgin, about her recipe version of Chocolate Ganache. So now I shall give you my version of it. Pictures are at the moment not available as I was busy making it and forgot to snap photos...shame of me for not doing so. But my second blog post Chocolate Fudge Cake in Different Variations displays how I used my chocolate ganache. So what exactly goes in a chocolate ganache?


225gms                      plain / dark chocolate - broken into pieces
100gms                      butter - chopped into pieces
124ml                        single cream

  1. Prepare a Bain Marie - a small pot filled with some water brought to boil with a glass bowl placed on top. In the glass bowl, place butter and chocolate pieces in to be melted down. Stir until butter and chocolate have combined and is runny but not watery.
  2. Place glass bowl on kitchen work top and stir in single cream. You can also use double cream but be sure NOT to use the thickened version. Before adding cream, be sure to stir the cream to even out the consistency of it. Continue stirring until cream is blended into chocolate mixture. 
  3. Leave it to set. 
Now you have a to-die-for chocolate cream mixture that you would end up not wanting to waste. My flatmate's boyfriend ended up licking the bowl just because he did not want to see it go to waste. Well that goes the same with the cake batter as well.

TIP: do not over heat your chocolate mixture. To know whether it looks weird, you will see a layer of oil like substance appearing on the surface of the mixture. That's when you know you've over heated your mixture.

In the name of chocolate,
The Innovative Baker

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