Sunday, 8 November 2009

English Tea anyone?

My friend Beattrice came a visiting and whilst we were out and about, she said she wanted to have something sweet to settle her growling tummy. So off we set to this well-known tea house called Richoux. It was indeed set in the scene of how old cafes looked like. In traditional english style, we ordered the Richoux Cream Tea. It comes with 4 scones, clotted cream, jam and a hot drink of choice. I ordered hot chocolate but was given cappucino. Nonetheless, it was a pleasure to savour scones on clotted cream.

The texture of scones was more bread like and were small, perfectly sized for tea. Not a fan of jam, neither was Beattrice, we practically devoured the clotted cream. Per order of the Richoux Cream Tea costs GBP8.25 inclusive of VAT. A tad more expensive then what you'd normally pay at a regular tea house, but Richoux does do justice to its name with its devine clotted cream.

How I came to know of Richoux was actually through JQ who recently came to visit me about 3 weeks ago now. Her friends and her met there whilst I was busy attending Raya open houses. She was raving about the clotted cream and by the time I got there, everything was cleaned off the plate. Must say something about the food right? There is also of course the traditional English Tea that comes with sandwiches, scones, a hot drink and other types of food ringing up the cashier at GBP16.50 but that was just about too much to eat for both of us.

In any case, Richoux is indeed very English, even to the service where you'd have to wait to be served and not wave your crazy hand in the air hoping to catch their attention. Perhaps being set in the very up market section of London does call for some air about you.

Note the fine print on the cup says it was established since 1909. So having had the opportunity to patronise such a long established tea house does give me the sense of britishness...hahahaha....

Anyway, for those who wish to visit the place, the link is all over this blog.

Devour your scones away,
The Innovative Baker


  1. I do know of a fabulous baker who makes wonderful light scones. Ask me when you're back in town!

  2. Qwazy Monkey: I will do so soonest when I get back!

  3. scones with clotted cream, ha ha and there I was talking about clotted cream when it comes to scones, that you can't really get here. ha ha.


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