Sunday, 15 November 2009

Iron Cup Cake Competition

When Kitchen Virgin's First Cupcake Competition was nearing (2 weeks ago), she was working hard. I must say her cupcake was divine!!!!

Chai Cupcakes with Cinnamon + Yoghurt Frosting

Kitchen Virgin has grown leaps and bounds and makes the most delicious cupcakes you can find. And this version was actually vegan. So all you vegans out there should try looking out for her and ask for a batch! Other cupcakes that were featured and were amongst my personal favourites (look wise):

Whilst many looked really good, there were the simple looking ones that tasted decadent.

The winner was the spice girls!!!!!

More photos from the event can be found at The Iron Cup Cake London

I have been asked by Kitchen Virgin to also participate. I am still deciding. Yes or no? In any case, the world of cupcakes is overtaking the traditional cake...

Cupcakes galore around her,
The Innovative Baker


  1. Answer: YES YES YES!
    Thanks for the post Lyn!! :) I didnt know you posted it till now hehe

  2. HEy HEy GeNial! Well...was taking my time in posting...needed to come up with a good way of writing it :)


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