Tuesday, 10 November 2009

A meal with the STARS...not!

As some of you may know, I was in Duesseldorf, Germany for a few days working at the Occupational Safety and Health Exhibition A + A. Normally evenings are filled with dinners with clients but this time round I had dinners with colleagues. It was indeed a different scene altogether. So, this post would be about a restaurant set at the outskirts of the Duesseldorf old town called Basil's. It is an Italian themed restaurant with a dash of German and Turkish in it.

Apparently, this restaurant is patronised by the B and C Class celebrities of Germany. Something like to be seen and to be heard sort of environment. The restaurant's ambience in a whole was indeed dim like...giving the sense that you were not suppose to stare at your neighbours as you dine because they were 'important'. The prices were somewhat affordable with the cheapest on the main course being Euro 15.00 for a simple chicken fillet. I had the Pangasius Fillet (A type of fish) that has picked up popularity in recent years with crayfish and vegetables.

For my starters I had in traditional Autumn style, The Pumpkin Soup.

Both dishes without drinks were about Euro 21.00. The main course cost about Euro 16.50. Whilst the ambience was indeed bustling with activity, it is one of the many restaurants that allow smoking within its premises. So I ended up smelling like used smoke...hhahahahaha... that aside, the food was actually good. The fish was light to the taste and not fishy at all, with a good combination of crayfish and vegetables allowing the fish to stand out. The pumpkin soup was also delightful to the tastebuds. It was not thick with just the right consistency of pumpkin and spices. It was not too watery either making it an absolute joy to partake of.

So where exactly is Basil's? It is located at

Haroldstrasse 30
40213 Duesseldorf

As to whether I saw the stars? I wouldn't have the slightest clue as unlike England, I have not had the opportunity to watch German soap operas thus my inability to spot a German celebrity... in any case, go not because of the people but because of the food.

Eating her way around Germany,
The Innovative Baker

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