Saturday, 10 April 2010

Simple Chilli and Garlic sauce

I get tired of store bought sauces after a while, so using my past experiences of watching my mom cook, she came up with an ingenious way of innovating the Hainanese Chicken Rice Chilli and Garlic Sauce. No blender needed, only a knife!


2 whole red chillies - diced and deseeded
2 cloves garlic - diced
1 whole lime - for the juice
1 tsp finely granulated sugar
a dash of salt

  1. After dicing both the red chillies and garlic, place them in a bowl, juice the lime into the bowl withholding the pips, add the sugar and a dash of salt.
  2. Let it sit while you prepare your chicken rice. Serve along with it. 
It is as simple as ABC. Seriously! It tastes great as a condiment with your cold noodle salad too. More like a dressing to be exact. Replace the salt with fish sauce instead, and you have Vietnamese version of this sauce. 

Seriously yummy and easy,
The Innovative Baker

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