Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Ingredients Series: Malaysian Spices - Assam Gelugor

When reading recipes, sometimes you wonder what some of the speciality ingredients look like especially in the context of Asian cooking. If you are a fan of Malaysian cooking, you might have come across this particular ingredient / spice : Assam Gelugor. This particular ingredient is mainly used in Nyonya and Malay dishes. Originating from the plant called Garcinia atrovirdis (pic below is actual fruit before drying)

The fruit is then finely sliced before drying them in the sun. The effect would be as per the first picture. Used in various dishes, especially in sour based dishes like the Assam Laksa, this particular ingredient isn't exactly easily obtainable from any shop. In fact, it took me a while to find it until I discovered that it was sold in the Oriental Supermarket up at Bayswater, London. 

Where is Oriental Supermarket?
26 Queensway
London W2 3RX

So just in case you're wondering what in the world is Assam Gelugor, here's the big big picture for you!!!

Discovering more ingredients everyday,
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  1. Thanks!
    I always go and search on the net when I find ingredients I have never heard of, and sometimes you get links to where you can buy or order.

  2. Hi Medifast Coupons,

    You're very welcome! Will be posting up about more ingredients as the day comes!

    The Innovative Baker


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