Friday, 8 April 2011

Modernist Cuisine - The ultimate book I'd buy!

Whilst reading the Independent newspaper today, there was an article about the ultimate cookbook called the Modernist Cuisine. The price is a whopping £395 for a 5 book volume encased in a perspex case:

The coverage in the newspaper was visually mind blowing, and I must say I'd own this book in a heart beat if i could afford it (It is shy of £5 to match my monthly rent in London). But for serious foodies who would love to get a hand on it there are many ways of purchasing it. Amazon UK is offering discount Modernist Cuisine but it is temporarily out of stock. The official website provides alternative links for prospective buyers including an e-mail address for people who live in parts where the book is not available for sale online. 

The three authors, who coincidentally are chefs in their own right have de-constructed and explained the art of cooking and the kitchen in this collection of books possibly allowing anyone to be able to gather and understand that cooking is in fact a science but at the same time not a science! Well, that's my own deduction anyway. As I have yet to really get into the book with more detail (as I have yet to purchase it), I would reserve my opinions on the book until some great samaritan would like to donate it! Hahahaha... After all, one can never have enough cookbooks at hand. Even if you're not a cook / chef, owning this collection would be a great mantelpiece and a conversational topic as well!!!!

So why not splurge a little since, if you can buy a Louis Vuitton, a Le Creuset, or Villeroy & Boch, you can buy this for sure...

Loving her cookbooks like Smeagol of LOTR,
The Innovative Baker


  1. I need another cookbook like I need another kitchen gadget but I just can't resist, a shopping I shall go.

  2. Medifast Coupons: Oh yeah... I'm saving dosh for this cookbook for sure! Do tell if the book is as it what is says!


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