Monday, 19 December 2011

Donnowhat2cook on the list of 10000 very good recipe blogs!

Hey ya all!

Now how's that for a Christmas surprise? Randomly checking who looks at my blog, I came across the list of 10000 very good recipe blogs and voila! donnowhat2cook appeared on number 9660!!! Yes... not exactly the highest ranking of food blogs but heck, making it into the list is success enough for me :) So the more you read my blog, the more my recipes are spread! Check out the link below for other useful blogs for recipes!

Very Good Recipes

wondering what else she can do,
The Innovative Baker

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Christmas Giveaway - 10 lucky readers!

Hey ya all!!!

Yes...the title says it all. 10 lucky readers will get a jar of cookies (not saying whether it is either of the two above for the content) from the Innovative Baker.

The spirit of Christmas is always a fantastic way of giving and sharing. And for my avid readers, I am grateful for the every growing readership and interest in what is featured and people asking what else can be made!

But there is a catch right? Not long as you share with me your weirdest experiences on the weirdest Christmas favours, dishes and / or deserts you have tried, 10 random winners will be picked and you shall be contacted of course... Doesn't matter whether the comments come via blogger or facebook, you will be accounted for. So share share share!!!!! 

The Innovative Baker is looking forward to your comments, so hurry!!!! 

(Seeing that this brainiac idea did materialise a little too late for Christmas delivery, it will and should arrive your doorstep either hand delivered or posted should it be too far for me to leg it for the new year's!)

Ho ho ho...and OMG I have got a ton of baking to do!!!

Much love,
The Innovative Baker :)

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Wedding cake mania!!!!

Alright, I posted it on Facebook and am taking my time to publish it on my blog, but here you have it, the wedding cake.

It started when a really good friend asked if I could bake her wedding cake! I was of course excited! My first wedding cake! Then I realized... Oh boy! So as always, we discussed what the cake might be like and I conceptualized it with the basis of how the cake would look like first incorporating the favourite flavours of the couple. Pitched it to her, she discussed it with fiancé now husband and voila!

Then came stage 2: deciding what actually will be the cake. The flavours were pretty much decided for the cake itself - chocolate for the larger tier, vanilla for the smaller tier. The cream filling was then thoroughly discussed on what flavours and tastes to mix up and see whether it would turn out. Donor was decided that the chocolate cake would have caramelized orange skin in butter cream filling while the vanilla cake would be the recipient of a cinnamon infused home made strawberry jam. The frosting was cream cheese frosting. What about decorations? Well, fresh orchids was wholeheartedly agreed upon and silver pearls to add the finishing touch.

The end result is the picture you see. The happy couple was delighted! I threw in 2 dozen red velvet cupcakes as an added gift to the happy wedded couple.

It took me 3 days in total to get everything in order (only night shifts since I work full time). So technically 1 whole day to get all of it together!

Thank you Sara for asking. It was a great joy to have baked it for you and to see such happy smiling faces when eating it.

Now it is Christmas cookies time!!!!

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