Thursday, 8 December 2011

Christmas Giveaway - 10 lucky readers!

Hey ya all!!!

Yes...the title says it all. 10 lucky readers will get a jar of cookies (not saying whether it is either of the two above for the content) from the Innovative Baker.

The spirit of Christmas is always a fantastic way of giving and sharing. And for my avid readers, I am grateful for the every growing readership and interest in what is featured and people asking what else can be made!

But there is a catch right? Not long as you share with me your weirdest experiences on the weirdest Christmas favours, dishes and / or deserts you have tried, 10 random winners will be picked and you shall be contacted of course... Doesn't matter whether the comments come via blogger or facebook, you will be accounted for. So share share share!!!!! 

The Innovative Baker is looking forward to your comments, so hurry!!!! 

(Seeing that this brainiac idea did materialise a little too late for Christmas delivery, it will and should arrive your doorstep either hand delivered or posted should it be too far for me to leg it for the new year's!)

Ho ho ho...and OMG I have got a ton of baking to do!!!

Much love,
The Innovative Baker :)


  1. One Christmas we brought a whole turkey to a Chinese restaurant for dinner and got them to slice the turkey for us. But! They chopped the turkey like charsiew and chicken, we all thought they switched the meat for us. We all felt that was really awkward and decided to not go to a Chinese restaurant for Christmas anymore! And that, was probably the weirdest experience ever.

    Anyway, happy baking! Talk to you soon Innovative Baker! :D *huggles*

  2. Last Christmas with my family in NZ, I was designated to cook everything. My whole family were so shock to see that I made a feast enough for 20 people and of course made delectable cupcakes for my best friend for another Christmas well as I never touch the kitchen back in the days where I stayed with family.

  3. Squiikivois and GeNiaL: great experiences! And both utterly genius!

    Lets see what others say :)

  4. my 1st Xmas in London, i don't eat turkey and i don't like roast chicken i know its a bit weirs but hey that,s me... i had samosa's and Indian spinach and chapati for Xmas... while the family kept saying your Indian Xmas
    my lil' story...

  5. Harps: Now that is classic!!!! Thanks Harps!!!

  6. In 2009, I celebrated Xmas with my sisters in an orang asli village in Perak. They hosted open houses and served us yummy local dishes. I remembered one memorable dish - durian tempoyak with petai and chilli. I know it sounds off, but the tempoyak was sweet, coupled with the pungent petai taste and spicy chilli, it's really yummy! I still crave for it.

  7. Oooohhh... now that sounds quite like an interesting christmas getaway! Thanks!!!!

  8. Darn, I wrote something super long and a page error made it all go away. Meh.

  9. Since Christmas is right before Chinese New Year, we would actually steal a bottle of CNY cookies to celebrate Christmas instead... Though we weren't Christians, I've always gotten into the Christmas holiday mood with Christmas day cartoons on TV! What can be more enjoyable than cookies (maybe there was a glass of cold milk ^^) and Disney's "The Night Before Christmas" on TV...


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