Monday, 19 December 2011

Donnowhat2cook on the list of 10000 very good recipe blogs!

Hey ya all!

Now how's that for a Christmas surprise? Randomly checking who looks at my blog, I came across the list of 10000 very good recipe blogs and voila! donnowhat2cook appeared on number 9660!!! Yes... not exactly the highest ranking of food blogs but heck, making it into the list is success enough for me :) So the more you read my blog, the more my recipes are spread! Check out the link below for other useful blogs for recipes!

Very Good Recipes

wondering what else she can do,
The Innovative Baker


  1. congrats!!!!!!!!! now u are consider the top 10000 chef in the world - RAWK

  2. RAWK: Thanks mate! Hahahaha... still a long way to go! But 10,000 home chefs is fine by me :)


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