Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Useful kitchen utensils: The Ice Cream Scoop

When you're making cupcakes, you'd normally use two spoons - one to scoop out the batter from the mixing bowl, the other to slide the batter down from the first spoon into the cupcake cup right? Well, after watching one too many baking programs, one utensil stood out - the ice cream scoop. This was definitely THE tool to get when portioning your cupcakes to the perfect cupcake portion. Half a scoop for a smaller cupcake, full scoop for a big one! Do not worry when you're making mini cupcakes as there are smaller ice cream scoops too! Where can you buy them? Anywhere and everywhere actually. From Sainsbury's, Tesco's, your local sundry shop to even the specialist kitchen shops. They do not cost too much and would save you time and hassle when making your cupcakes. Naturally, it does not stop at cupcakes but perfect for portioning your muffins too!

The Innovative Baker looking for yet another tool!


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