Monday, 20 February 2012

Useful Kitchen Utensils: Toothpicks

How are toothpicks useful? Aside from picking your teeth that is. Well, I use them to prick my cakes and cupcakes to test whether they're cooked through! I of course am a fan of many gadgets in the kitchen and actually invested in a cake tester:

But, for those who don't really bake often and don't want to have to spend that money, then toothpicks are your best bet. They do come in different lengths so longer ones can be used to test the centre of a very tall cake while shorter ones are for shorter cakes! Go figure...hahahaha!!! In any case, it is your cheaper alternative and you do not need to spend a load of money to bake a cake. 

Toothpicks are also good to pin your choice of meat together after filling it up with your choice of filling before roasting / baking / frying. Or if you are making vegetables parcels, use them to hold one side before steaming them. Or perhaps you are baking paper wrapped chicken or banana wrapped fish, then a toothpick is fantastic as a fastener to ensure the juices from the chicken or fish do not escape and the flavours are locked in!

Know more useful tips on how to use your toothpicks in the cooking process? Then leave a comment! 

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  1. If you never want to have something less than others in your kitchen.thus, both are necessary appliances to have in kitchen.

  2. Hi, This is the information relevent to my search. Its really worth to read your blog. Great input work!

  3. Kitchen accessories: Thanks for the great comment! Will definitely add more very soon :)


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