Sunday, 1 April 2012

Smile! You're on Candid Camera!

Huh? What do you mean? It is April Fool's Day silly! what? Well...together with 7 other bloggers, we are judging this month's challenge courtesy of Very Good Recipes. The theme? You got it! April Fool's! Dare yourself to cook something that would look like something else!

Like fellow judge, Jessie from Jessie-CookingMoments, she has prepared 'Scrambled Eggs' with mushrooms and cherry tomatoes. 
(courtesy of Jessie's creation)

Not inspired yet? Then maybe derive more inspiration from Wayfarer's version of 2 fake eggs and an apricot:

(courtesy of Wayfarer)

I'm definitely cooking up something but have been mightily busy with weekend plans, i.e. visiting the chocolate festival and getting inspired by the many different varieties that were on display.

The trick is to use ingredients alternatively producing something that may look like eggs for instance but turn out to be entirely something else. It can be cookies, a hearty stew to a fullblown cake! So where can you find details?

Visit the April Fool's Recipe Challenge and submit your recipes once you know what you are doing! My recipe should appear in the coming weeks to provide you guys further inspiration! Think meringue but it ain't sweet!

The Challenge will run a month long and the lucky winner's will get a cookbook of their choice! Now I would want that for sure!!! 

So become a participant now!
The Innovative Baker

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