Monday, 14 May 2012

Kitchen Utensils: The Apple Corer

(Image taken from Jamie Oliver)

Do you own an apple corer? I didn't until recently. Why? It only cores apples right? Not necessarily. I was watching a cooking program not too long ago (though this is fast becoming an obsession on my part) and when they were trying to create a hole in cupcakes, they used an apple corer! Now I am wondering what do I do aside from using a knife to pierce the centre of the cupcake. 

As you know apple corers have a serrated edge to allow easier coring of an apple. That allows it to also easily borough through the cupcake. Once done, the excess cake can be removed and then using your piping bag filled with whatever filling / cream etc that you have opted to fill the cupcake, can then cover the whole section of the hole. Cool right? This would definitely add another dimension to your already conventional cupcake. 

Want to do more for your cake? Especially tray bakes, using an apple corer would definitely help in infusing your cream with the cake as the ganache or cream cheese frosting or whatever innovative concoctions have been made can seep better into the cake thus adding more than just a layer above but also within the cake.

Apple corers also don't necessarily have to be limited to apples. Chinese pears or nashi pears:

(Image taken from

which have the consistency and size of an apple can also use the corer. And like a cake, you can spoon in caramelised walnuts and raisins into the centre of the pear or apple before baking it. Now that sounds yummy...

Hoping to at least provide more useful kitchen tips,
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