Friday, 20 July 2012


Maligayang pagdating and selamat datang to the Budaya Kusina Supperclub!

We, @CheapEatsBlog and @Innovativebaker, are the chefs behind the eclectic Filipino Malaysian Supperclub aptly called Budaya Kusina. Budaya meaning Culture in Malay and Kusina meaning Kitchen in Tagalog, literally meaning Kitchen Culture, we aim to please with foods from these two countries just to give you an authentic dining experience in a contemporary atmosphere that is London.

Our first supperclub on the 4th of August is our debut outing that received overwhelming experience that sold out in a matter of minutes. Seeing that we only had limited places available for that one, we figured we'd keep the fire burning by organising a second date. This time in North London at our host's @Chuchibum humble abode, we can now accommodate 20 people and hopefully with a fantastic array of home-cooked cuisine from 2 fussy pots in the kitchen (or so I hope we are).

So what's on the menu? Well, we can't give away all our secrets. Much like our first, we will have selections from both cuisines to offer. But here's some that's on the list to keep you happy and salivating until the day arrive:

The Filipino Pork Belly Adobo 
Malaysian Captain's Chicken Curry
Otak - Otak (Steamed fish parcels in turmeric marinade wrapped in banana leaves)
Filipino Sticky Rice
Vegetable Rebusado

Traditional Malaysian deserts
Kaffir Lime Leaf Sorbet

*Dishes available may change due to availabily of ingredients but nonetheless it will promise to be a fantastic menu to feed your tummy and soul!

If you have any dietary restrictions, please do e-mail us. 

So what's the deal then? How do I book? Are you interested? Then click on the link below to book your spot now!

Oh wait...when is it? silly me! Here's the details:

Date: 19th August 2012 - Sunday
Time: 12.30pm for 1pm start
Price: GBP35 
Location: North London. Address will be given upon confirmation of booking on website.

So quick! Click the link! What link? You mean this?

Budaya Kusina Supperclub may not always be around, so when we are, we aim to a very good way! So grab your tickets now!

Yours hosts for the day,
Innovativebaker, CheapEatsBlog and Chuchibum

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