Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Budaya Kusina Supperclub in Local Malaysian Newspaper

It was a chance meeting with Zuleika Sedgley at plusixfive's supperclub with mummyicancook that resulted in me and Barry being mentioned in the article! This does mark a momentous occasion for us as supperclub hosts when we haven't even started actually hosting per se when I met Zuki. But two supperclubs hosted and big broad smiles on our diners faces, this article couldn't have been published at a better time!

Truth be told, I wouldn't know what to say nor do what it came to hosting supperclubs. I figured lets just get it done and see where we would go from there! Now, we're in the NST and by golly, we are also in the Sunday Feasts series run by Edible Experience's Wen (who's a huge foodie herself and hosts a seriously delectable hotpot dinner! We will be featured on the 9th of September with a series of delectable home-cooked traditional dishes from both the Philippines and Malaysia, where both Barry and I come from. 

Our diners in the last supperclub on the 19th at Hannah's were treated to delectable surprises...dishes that were not on the menu...all because we wanted them to enjoy eating even more! Who knows? Probably some other surprises would be in store for the 9th of September.

A HUGE THANK YOU to BARRY :-) my seriously over-the-top-paleo-eater-but-chef-to-the-mostest-partner-in-crime! For without you, where would Budaya Kusina be?

Having a teary eyed moment,
The Innovative Baker

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