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Budaya Kusina by me and Barry will be featured in the upcoming Sunday Feasts by Edible Experiences together with a host of other Supperclub hosts to the mostest!! We ARE super proud of ourselves (PAT ON the BACK) for having achieved this much in such a short span of time!!!! Our first went out with a flying start, the second has a waiting list and now we are on our third even before we can say.....Oh-my-god-what-in-the-world-is-happening!!! 

Ok...enough self-praise :-) back to the point: So...we are at the moment the first in line @plusixfive has taken over the reigns of the opening act and we are next in line to host the Sunday Feasts and we are super excited, stoked, worried, nervous and I don't know what else to say... lol! But we shall take the foodworld by storm, wow you with our food and just make sure all our diners are happy people with expanded tummies and a huge smile on their faces!

So what's being featured on the menu? In true essence of sticking to our cultures, we thought we'd have a menu written in our languages with a description of what they are:

Inasal na manok
(Filipino chicken skewers with Malaysian tangy chilli dip)
Roti Jala dengan tiga sos pilihan
(Malaysian lace pancakes with three dips)

Mystery Palatte Cleanser

Adobong Baboy
(Filipino style tangy pork belly garlicky stew)
Ikan Bakar dengan sambal belacan
(Grilled Fish stuffed with sambal belacan wrapped in banana leaf)
Mystery Main
Rebusadong Gulay
(Filipino style vegetable tempura)
Kerabu Mangga Timun
(Mango and Cucumber Kerabu Salad)
(Filipino style sticky rice)

Sago Gula Melaka 
(Tapioca pearls with earthy raw palm sugar syrup)
Kuih Bingka Ubi
(Tapioca Cake)
Sorbet Daun Limau Purut
(Kaffir Lime Leaf Sorbet)

Petit Fours:
Coconut and Pineapple Tarts
Malaysian Teh Tarik 
(Aerated of 'pulled' tea - An old school tea-chino served with a twist ala Budaya Kusina)

Interested already? Want to book??? Wait...where is it first?? and how much??? Here's the details:

Time: 6.30pm
Date: 9th September 2012
Venue: School of Wok, Covent Garden
Price: £39.60 (price inclusive of £3.60 booking fee already) 
Places available: less than 30
Alcohol ruling: BYOB

*some foods may contain nuts, seafood and alternative ingredients that may not be suitable for those with allergies or dietary restrictions. Please e-mail us so we can adjust accordingly.

Just to clarify a little, Asian food tends to never be served in courses as we are huge on sharing. So don't be surprised when you get big bowls of servings :)

So book now!!! Don't wait too long!!!

At a recent media event hosted by Edible Experiences for the SundayFeasts supperclub chefs, we wowed them with our food and our Sago got voted by wearepopup's Creative Director as BEST IN SHOW! (WHOOT WHOOT!!) 
courtesy of We Are Pop Up 

Now wouldn't you just like to have more of that?

Yours in kitchen culture ala Budaya Kusina,
The Innovative Baker

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