Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The Deutsch Supperclub - cooked in a Malaysian Kitchen

YES!!! This is officially the first blogpost of the year... after having going through plenty of readjustments, crazy work schedule and testing out supperclub concepts here in Malaysia, I've decided to cook up a storm by debuting my first ever Deutsch Supperclub. After much thought, mulling over and discussions with some fellow supperclub hosts and friends who do live in Germany full time versus moi who visits Germany for work, I've finally decided on the menu that will at least showcase a nice combination of street and typical dishes expected at a German Feast!!

Die Karte
(The Menu)

Zum Anfang (To Start):

Frikadelle mit Gurkensalat
(Fried Pork Meat Patties with Cucumber Salad)

Currywurst mit Pommes
(German Frankfurter Sausage with Spiced Tomato Sauce and Curry with French Fries)

Hauptgerichte (The Mains):

Doener Kebap
(Germany's version of the Turkish Kebab served with chicken)

Spiessbraten mit Kartoffelsalat und frische Sauerkraut
(German Roast Pork Belly with Potato Salad and fresh pickled cabbage)

Zum Ende (To End):

Apfelstreuselkuchen mit Eiercreme
(Apple Streusel Cake with Custard)

Coffee / Tea
Petite Fours

Price: RM80

A five course menu it may be but I might just throw in some surprises so who knows right? So where, when and how do you pay?

Venue:        My Home (Address will be given upon deposit of RM40 to secure your place)
Time:          7.00pm
Date:          25th May 2013 
Seats:         7 maximum

It is a first pay, first served basis. So you know whether you wanna come and can make it :)

So if you haven't exactly tried German food before and would like to try both street and typical dishes at one go then now is the chance!

If response is good and there are more of you then a second Deutsch Supperclub might be in store... so BOOK NOW!

My mind is already testing out the recipes,
The Innovative Baker

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