Saturday, 28 September 2013

Deutschesupperclub feiert OKTOBERFEST! (Deutschesupperclub celebrates Oktoberfest!)

It is Oktoberfest time!! Yes.. seriously and true to my word the Deutschesupperclub's fourth time will be so thematic you cannot say I didn't try! The menu has expanded (so has the price but only for specially themed supperclubs) and a collaboration with Ales & Lagers to pair beers with the dishes planned for the night!


celebrates OKTOBERFEST!

Zum Starten:

Bratwurst mit Kartoffelsalat Berliner Art
(German Sausages with Berlin Style Potato Salad)

(Cheese Spread)

Brezel / Langenstangen
(German Pretzel)


Muscheln Reinischer Art
(Mussels cooked the Rheinvalley style)

Schweinebraten mit Bratkartoffel und Rotkohl
(German Roast Pork with grilled potatoes and purple cabbage)

Schnitzel vom Huhner mit hausgemachte Mayonaisse
(Chicken Schnitzel with home made mayo)

(Cheese Spaetzle - German Egg Noodles)

(Sausage Salad)

Zum Ende:
Mystery Dessert

The desserts will remain a mystery as I love throwing in surprises! This time round with Ales & Lagers in tow, the price has slightly changed:

Just the meal will be RM120 (already including the processing fee on
With the beer pairing will be an additional RM60 (with about 6 - 8 beer pairings - 100ml portion of beer - this will be paid on the day of the meal). So how does it work?

Pay for your meal in full on Plateculture and then update me via or DM me on Facebook or Twitter that you want the beer pairing too. 

So why turn up in blue and white like the Oktoberfest logo and join in the festivities!

So when? where? how? what do you do?

When: 26 October 2013
Where: Location to be revealed on confirmation of booking on Plateculture
Time: 8pm onwards
Seats: 8 (3 tentatively reserved)

Are you allergic to anything? Lemme know at least a week before so I can prepare an alternative.

So quickly book b4 it sells out... there won't be any supperclubs until December.

omm paa paa omm paa paa going in the background,
The Innovativebaker

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