Sunday, 29 December 2013

German Potato Salad (From the Deutsche Supperclub kitchen)

For those who have attended the Deutsche Supperclub series at my humble abode, know the reputation of this German potato salad. From the time I remember serving it, I've only had pittance left to soothe my aching soul. Note, that this variation of a German potato salad was taken from the cookbook - Grandma's German Cookbook and added my little touches into it. Ordinarily, German potato salad only has potatoes. But different parts of Germany have different versions of it. But what makes it German anyway? The dill and chives. Here's mine:


5 medium sized US russet potatoes
5 medium sized eggs
10 bacon rashers (can be pork or beef)
10 mini gherkins 
1 packet fresh dill
1 packet fresh chives
1/2 packet fresh Italian parsley
1 tub sour cream (210g)
1 tub fresh plain yoghurt (210g)
2 tbsp German mustard
salt and pepper

  1. First boil your potatoes by filling up half a pot of water and place the potatoes in there to boil together. Do not peel your potatoes yet. Boil them whole.
  2. Then boil your eggs by placing the eggs in a half pot of cold water and bring it up to a boil. Once the water is boiling, switch it off and close the lid and let it sit.
  3. Meanwhile, chop up your bacon rashers into bite size pieces (roughly 1cm thick) and dry fry. No added oil is needed because the bacon will naturally emit its oils and fries up the bacon til a crispy golden brown. Drain the oil to a bowl and set aside.
  4. Next, prepare another bowl of ice water for your eggs also to stop the eggs from continuous cooking. Let it sit in the ice bath for about 5 minutes. You will notice that your remove the egg shell a lot easier after this. Remove egg shells and slice the eggs however you want it - wedges or sliced into rounds.
  5. By this time (about 20 or so later) the potatoes would be ready. Use a knife or fork to pierce through the potatoes. As long as it slides easily into the potato and comes out as easily, then the potatoes are ready. Drain the hot water out of the pot and replace it with ice cold water to stop the potatoes from cooking. You can drain the first round of cold water as it would turn warm fast due to the hot pot. Then refill again with cold water and let it sit.
  6. Use a knife to remove the skin. It'll come off easily from the potato. Once done, slice them into rounds. Place them into a big salad bowl.
  7. Next chop the gherkins into rings as well and toss them in. Add in the cooled down bacon rashers. Chop the fresh herbs any which way you see fit but not too finely. You need to have a bit a bite! Add the chopped herbs into the bowl as well.
  8. Then add in the sour cream, yoghurt and german mustard together with the salt and pepper to taste. Toss it around. Finally add in the sliced eggs on top. Stir only at the end so that the eggs aren't too mushed up.
  9. Serve with...just about anything :-)
Something perfect to end the new year with maybe? But keep a look out for my German cheesecake recipe with a twist! In the meantime, I'm off to eat my German potato salad...

The Innovativebaker

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