Friday, 6 December 2013

Italy met Malaysia in the United Kingdom

15th November 2013 marked my first return supperclub in London by teaming up with the formidable Backdoor Kitchen. A collaboration waiting to happen since a year ago, it finally materialised with both Rob and I agreeing to the Italo-Malay supperclub. It was definitely a fun night as guests who came were very friendly, and included my parents and superb friends like @edible_exp and @erikme and Jeanette who brought along a team of superb friends and eaters.. Thank you.

The fact that the supperclub was remotely organised, me in KL and Rob in London, we were initially wondering whether it would take place since it was a slow start to the ticket sales. A week later and my prodding loads and offending others (sorry @john2man), we sold out. So all those jitters were confounded! Lol...

The menu? simple, using the same basic ingredient, we each came up with our own traditional dishes for the crowds to eat, savour and enjoy. Courtesy of Jeannette Ng, these are some photos that were taken that night:

That's me talking about what the supperclub is going to be like

Rob's Saltim Boca (i forgot the spelling)

The couscous

My nasi ulam

The Assam Fish

A baked version of the ayam percik

Bubur Cha Cha

One side of the dinner table

The experience of course was definitely fantastic. Two chefs, two ways of behaving in the kitchen but we worked like a well-oiled team I think. The difference was definitely in the tastebuds of our guests who enjoyed every morsel til a point that they were so full, they couldn't eat anymore.

I take away from that day a real sense of achievement. I always believed that cuisines can be matched and presented together for an enjoyable meal and Rob's mash up idea was simply fantastic. Who knew we'd play host to 13 wonderful guests, 2 photographers, one trusty and secret Malaysian assistant hailing from Finland and two insane chefs... lol!!

Would I do it again? Of course! I wouldn't trade this experience for anything else in the world :)

Hoping to kick ass again in London's supperclub scene,
The Innovativebaker

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