Thursday, 19 June 2014

Deutsche Supperclub feiert Frankfurter Kueche (Deutsche Supperclub celebrates Frankfurt Regional Dishes)

Germany is more popular known for its pork knuckles, apple strudels and gluhwein. But regional fare has always been placed way below radar and thus only those who do visit Germany enough would have tasted some of these famous regional foods from Frankfurt.

After having taken a good 5 months off (due to crazy work schedules), the first Deutsche Supperclub this year goes regional and will (trying to in any case) highlight specialty regional foods from Frankfurt. Bar the fact that I can't actually get Apple wine (Apfelwein), most of what you will experience is a thorough 'Frankfurt' affair.

Zum starten:

Frankfurter Kartoffelsupp'
(Frankfurter Potato Soup served with Frankfurters)

(Rapunzel's Salad with green vinaigrette)

Zum kosten:

Gegrillter Stich mit Sachsenhaeuser Baeckerkartoffeln und Spargel
(Grilled Ribs with Sachsenhausen Baked Potatoes and buttered Asparagus)

Forelle in Apfelbutter
(Trout Fillet in Applebutter)

Etwas suesses:

Frankfurter Kranz
(Frankfurt Crown Cake)

Surprises will always be in store so you never know what to expect. The next Deutsche Supperclub is:

Date: 28th June 2014
Time: 8pm
Venue: disclosed upon booking
Price: RM80 (feel free to tip (-: )

Yours in truly Frankfurt style,
The Innovativebaker

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