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Classic German Cheesecake

This recipe has been tried and tested many times for the #Deutschesupperclub as well as for parties and such. It's original recipe is from the book, 'Grandma's German Cookbook' written by Birgit Hamm and Linn Schmidt published Dorling Kindersley and has been in my kitchen pantry (well a copy of it) since... 2013 I think. The cookbook in itself is very easy to follow with classic recipes. I have tried a few out already and have served it at the supperclub with reviews plus the cookbook is in German.  Before blabbing on for too long, the Classic Cheesecake recipe from this cookbook has been the most used with slight amendments to it only to suit my oven so you would need to be in tune with yours to know best. Plus, this recipe seems to go down very well with loads of people and since I have promised to provide the recipe, here it is: Classic Cheesecake - The German Grandma's way Makes 1 (9 1/2 inch / 24cm) cake [Here I used 9 inch / 20cm) cake tin fo

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